How to choose the best agency for your HTML5 banner development project

How to choose the best agency for your HTML5 banner development project

HTML5 banners ads are recognised as one of the most effective forms of online advertising. The combination of images, animation, and text encourages interaction. Digital display banner ads are usually compatible with different types of devices such as mobile and desktop. Banners must also have a strong call to action which will lead to a website of choice. Banner ads are a great way to get your brand in front of an audience that you might not be able to otherwise reach.

Creating HTML5 banners without special tools can be a difficult task, especially if you are a beginner or if digital production is not the main focus of your business.  By not following the correct process you could end up with low-quality banners that do not convert well or that have a poor user experience. FIT Digital are one of the top HTML5 banner developers in London, so we’ve written this article using our real world experience.

Choosing a Banner ad production agency


The best way to find a good banner ad development agency is by checking their previous work and experience. They should have a good eye for detail and be able to match a supplied design file. If you are looking for a design they should be able to design to a professional standard. They should also be familiar with ClickTags and ad serving platforms. Some agencies will also be able to show certification such as that provided by Google ads, which is a sign of reliability. 

Design and video editing skills

Most banner production agencies should be able to provide design services. This includes creating wireframes and designs. Even if you are just supplying designs to be developed, it’s useful if an agency has design and video editing skills for when things get busy.

Reliability and the Team

When choosing your banner production partner it’s good to have a reliable team. A good agency will be willing to meet your deadlines. A good way to test is to see how quickly they respond to your emails. A reliable agency should be able to respond within a few hours or 30 mins if it’s an urgent request. If you do not get these responses quickly before the campaign starts the team may not be reliable.  Choosing a good team with plenty of resources is also a good idea. If you are relying on one person, things can go badly when that person is not available.


Banner ads can vary in price and there are a few things that can affect the cost. A good agency should ask you some of thee questions

  • Are the banners video or are they image based? 
  • Will you be running a multilingual campaign? 
  • Will you require different variations?
  • On which platform will the banners be served?

When supplying a quote you should be given a breakdown of formats with time added against each item. There might also be some time added for project management and amends.

If you are looking for an HTML banner developer in London or elsewhere then please get in touch. We have developed hundreds of banners and would be happy to help.